PICNIC hosted a lovely group of sponsors and content partners on March 14th at the Waag. Participants received an update on PICNIC’s 2012 theme and events and got a sneak peak of the new creative concept developed by Marcel Kampman, PICNIC’s Creative Director. (Hint: what’s red and white and PICNIC all over?)

Event Report: PICNIC Sponsor Buzz Event...

The highlight of the evening was the inspiring and heart-felt presentations by three long-time PICNIC sponsors: the Dutch Postcode Lottery, Vodafone and the Waag. The Dutch Postcode Lottery talked about how PICNIC approached the Lottery to jointly develop a contest for green inventions and how PICNIC continues to play a pivotal role in making the global Green Challenge competition a success. Vodafone discussed its use of PICNIC as a freezone to try out new concepts and a launching platform to unleash new ideas into the world. The Waag provided concrete examples of how it has collaborated with PICNIC to encourage people to get innovating through experiments, tinkering sessions, co-creation workshops and competitions and reach an international audience. We are grateful for their continued support and look forward to more collaboration in 2012.

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Check out PICNIC’s flickr page for photos of the event.  



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