‘Health ownership’ was the theme of PICNIC’s recent Creative Business Club event which took place on June 26th. 

The event was hosted at Vodafone’s stunning new Amsterdam headquarters at the Oosterdok which overlooks the Ij.

Business Club members and guests heard from four very different speakers who are working on technology which enables consumers and patients to play a greater role in their own health and well-being.


Rob Halkes presented Drimpy, an online platform for integrated health care which creates “empowered ePatients”. Drimpy helps patients actively manage all aspects of their health and offers social networking, a variety of health apps and tools which translate complex health information into easy to understand infographics. The platform includes features such as a daily patient journal, a medical record repository and social networking. .


Antoon Sturkenboom from Qlvr (pronounced ‘clever’) spoke about how his company is developing games which combine social media and mobile technology related to health care and education. He presented a case study called the ‘Heartville Challenge’, a game which Qlvr co-developed in partnership with a pyschiatric hospital and its patients. The game encourages patients to set goals and recognizes them when they do so. It also integrates social networking among patients so they can support and motivate each other.

Health Living Labs

Ben Kröse, a professor at the University of Amsterdam and a lector at the Hogeschool, presented his research on Health Living Labs. His research projects focus on information technology for telemonitoring and communication. He shared information on a specific project, a partnership with a psychogeriatric ward in the Dutch city of Naarderheem. His team installed sensor networks in the houses of elderly people to monitor their movement patterns and activities with a view to identifying ways to improve their care. This included motion sensors in bedrooms, pressure sensors on furniture and even toilet flush sensors. One of the main findings of the research was that above all, elderly people want simple ways to contact family and medical professionals in case of emergency.


Pieter van van Boheemen, the young and sassy founder of the Dutch DIY Bio community, gave an inspiring presentation about the emergence of a global community of DIY biologists, scientists, artists and designers who are developing low cost DIY biotech solutions. Pieter presented the DIY malaria diagnostic machine that he is developing with partners which consists of easily accessible parts such as a hair dryer fan, a lamp dimmer and a fan relais. Amplino is collaborating with Holland’s Royal Tropical Institute to test the machine in malaria-stricken regions. Find his presentation here.

All in all, a great event and a sneak peak of PICNIC Festival 2012 where health will be integrated into this year’s theme of ‘New Ownership: the shift from top down to bottom up”.

Click here for more info on the Festival.



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