Thirty bright and inspired professionals came together on July 13th to explore future digital disruptions that could occur when technical innovation, economic shifts and social transformations converge.

Event Report: Digital Disruptions Workshop...

Co-hosted by PICNIC and Waag Society, the workshop was moderated by Daniel Kaplan of FING (la Fondation pour l’Internet Nouvelle Génération). FING is an independent, French thinktank which is in the process of expanding its digital disruptions program to a wider European audience.

Professionals came from companies and organizations as diverse as Shell, ABN Amro, Marktplaats and Kennisland as well as public libraries, media outlets, non-profits and trendwatching companies. The workshop covered subthemes which will be explored at PICNIC Festival 2012: (social) media, open democracy, quantified self, new financial services institutions and online collaboration platforms, among others.

Participants broke into small teams to discuss recent digital disruptions, predict new ones in the near future and develop basic concepts for new digital offerings. 

Some of the ideas generated by my team:

  • a completely transparent bank: where everything is open, including decision making, board meetings and salaries and all employees receive ratings which follow them throughout their careers;
  • a Do-It-Together online platform: aimed at turning hobbies into commercial activities via social networking and collaboration tools; and
  • an identity scrambler: which allows people to mess up/limit the amount of personal data, information and preferences that companies can capture about them. The goal would be to re-establish permission-based relationship for data mining.

This workshop was a preparatory session for a larger workshop which will occur during PICNIC Festival 2012 in September.

Report by Deborah Carter, PICNIC's Director of Sponsoring and Partnerships



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