PICNIC Festival 2012 sponsors and content partners turned up in full force on July 9th to enjoy the latest Festival buzz event.

Event Report: Buzz Event #2...

The 30-person crowd received a private tour of the EYE Film Institute (before it opened to the public that morning) and heard from PICNIC’s Creative Director, Marcel Kampman, on how PICNIC plans to “own” the EYE during the Festival on September 17thand 18th. The theme of this year’s Festival is “New Ownership: the shift from top down to bottom up”.

Festival Venue: EYE Film Institute

People were wowed by the venue and its state of the art design and technology and enjoyed receiving a program update. Who knew that the Institute has one of the oldest working organs in the Netherlands which was used to accompany silent films back in early 1900s? Or that the Institute rebuilt one of the exquisitely decorated Art Deco rooms from its old location in the Vondelpark and embedded the walls with thousands of LED lights?

Content Partners

Kitty Leering, PICNIC’s Program Director, gave an update on the broad range of the Festival’s lectures, discussions, workshops, challenges, SME exhibition (Crossover Marketplace) and networking activities. Content partners present included the European Journalism Centre, 5D Institute, Virtual Platform, Big Nerd Ranch, Mediawijzer, Waag, Science Alliance and the Beach. Participants were most intrigued by the DIY biotech Roboroach workshop which will be hosted by Backyard Brains. (Cockroaches, embedded robotic chips, etc.)


A big thank you to PICNIC Festival 2012’s main sponsors who were all present: the Dutch Postcode Lottery, Waag, Vodafone, UPC, the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce and Syntens, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and AKQA.


For pictures of the Buzz Event, click here. 



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