We are becoming untethered from the institutions that once defined us. Byron Reese explores the impact of technology on our community, religion, business and daily lives.

Technology’s direct effects on society and culture are evident all around us. We are seeing an unprecedented shift towards decentralization of power and a rise in individualism. But the secondary effects of technology on our world are not as obvious, namely how technology is unintentionally causing our lives to become untethered from the institutions by which people once defined themselves. 

In his keynote address at PICNIC Festival 2012, Byron Reese, Executive VP of Innovation at Demand Media, looks at the potential impact of this untethering on our daily lives, community, religion, family, business, laws and education and illuminates how today’s technology can solve many of our biggest global challenges. He believes we are entering the golden age of humanity. Listen to his speeech to find out why.

Byron Reese speaks with the authority of high-tech trailblazer, inventor and entrepreneur, and the wisdom of a life-long historian. Check out his 'History of the Future'.



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