Got a network of friends, colleagues or collaborators that you’d like to meet at PICNIC Festival? Offer them a discount and earn a rebate for yourself.

Earn an extra discount on your Festival ticket ...

Buy a ticket for yourself and then share the love with your own unique discount link. Every time someone buys a ticket through your link, they get 10% off their purchase, and you get a 10% refund on your ticket! If you help sell 10 tickets, yours is completely free.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Buy your ticket to PICNIC.
  2. Share your personal link, which you receive in your confirmation email, on your social media platform of choice or send an email around the office. Whoever books a ticket through your link by 7 September gets a 10% discount.
  3. Get a refund. Thanks for all your hard work! For every person that registered with your code, you’ll be reimbursed 10% of your ticket price. So if you help us get 10 registrations, your ticket is free! You’ll receive your refund after 7 September.


**Fine print**

  • Didn't receive a link in your email? Please request one at
  • Your unique link cannot be used in combination with other discounts.
  • For each person that buys a ticket with your discount link, you will be reimbursed 10% of the price you originally paid for the ticket. (If you did not pay full price, the discounted price is taken into account, Maximum return is 100% of the price you paid for your ticket.)



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