We're not just having plain attendees visiting our city. Some people stand out a little more than others.

Day 1: people...

This is just an overview of colourful people we ran into. But there are more in our galery: http://bit.ly/ohDFEH. 

Want to meet these 'not to miss' girls? All they want in return is a great idea that you can post on their costume.





















No, she's not working in dangerous buildings. She will hand out helmets so people can meet someone they've never met before. And get inspired!











Our city is never really finished. They make sure attendees can find their way anyway. Nobody knows where it goes, but that's part of the PICNIC experience. You can always walk into something unexpected.






It can never be too far from one venue to another. But this girl found herself a bike, so hey, why not use it?






Candy for everyone! Vodafone provides colour and sweets to the PICNIC city.