Daan explores the dawn of a new reality that is evolving from technological innovations.

Daan Roosegaarde has created projects ranging from fashion to architecture. His smart and social designs challenge the dynamic relation between architecture, people, and technology. Roosegaarde latest project, the ‘Smart Highway’, is a example of one of his successful cross-over projects. Together with Heijmans infrastructure Studio Roosegaarde is designing the future landscape by developing interactive and sustainable roads

Successful social design requires a different approach to the notion of ownership and the value of art. While remaining focused on co-creation, innovation and interaction, it is essential to recognize the importance of critically assessing the right partners and clients for interactive projects.

Some projects, like the 'Smart Highway' may be realized in co-production with large companies, while others, such as 'Intimacy,' are self-commissioned. By creating a well-balanced portfolio, Roosegaarde continues to claim his space between autonomy and interaction, beauty and bullshit, soft and hard capital of art.



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