Chicago-based video artist and former PICNIC speaker Lincoln Schatz continually strives to use his artistic abilities to create projects that inspire social change and public interaction. His most recent work is a composite video entitled Cure Violence: Portrait of an Epidemic. This video series is a portrait of more than 50 Chicago residents committed to ending gun violence.

Cure Violence: Portrait of an Epidemic...

A chapter a month to reduce violence

Cure Violence: Portrait of an Epidemic is a composite video portrait of Chicagoans who are working to reduce violence in their communities. Each month for the next year, Lincoln Schatz will release a new chapter in this series.

You can watch the first chapter on Lincoln’s website or subscribe to the whole series as iTunes Podcasts.

Lincoln created Cure Violence: Portrait of an Epidemic in conjunction with CeaseFire, a nonprofit organization dedicated to working with community and government partners to reduce violence. Travelling through the greater Chicago area in 2009, including the neighborhoods most ridden with violence, he interviewed people from the CeaseFire network of violence interrupters, outreach workers and community members. He processed the footage through his custom software to create a non-editorialized composite portrait of the complex landscape of violence.

Cure Violence: Portrait of an Epidemic is intended to increase awareness, incite social action and provide a platform for discussion.

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