June 26: PICNIC Creative Business Club meeting on Health Ownership...

Our health. We regard it universally as our most important asset. At the same time, we feel that it is one of the things we have the least control over. Because if we lose our good health (even for a short period), we suddenly experience a high level of dependency.

So, how do we deal with this? The best method of all is to avoid becoming sick which is easier said than done. But emerging movements, such as Quantified Self, firmly believe that by using (mobile) applications to closely monitor the relation between your behavior and your health, you can learn a lot about how to stay healthy longer.

Even if you become ill, apps and online platforms can be useful as they allow you to analyze your sickness and its symptoms even more closely. By using these online applications (especially on a large scale), you can even contribute to medical research finding solutions faster, which fosters something known as ‘citizen science’.

Another interesting route to more health ownership is the one DIY biotechnologists take. Creating your own medicine in your garage lab might be the highest level of health ownership. However what is much more interesting is the development of very low-cost DIY diagnostic tools for impoverished areas of the world. This will make people less dependent on (Western) aid money and health care organizations taking back a little piece of control over their lives.

Corporate and individual members of PICNIC's Creative Business Club will join this meet up to explore how we can use technology, in the broadest sense of the word, to improve health care and increase our health ownership.

Want to join this meeting?

PICNIC Creative Business Club gatherings are invitation only. For every gathering, we reserve a few (free) seats for professionals who would like to attend. If you are interested in Health Ownership and meeting our Creative Business Club members, please RSVP to kitty@picnicnetwork.org and include your name, company name, email adress and phone number.


16:00 Registration
16:30 Welcome by PICNIC and Vodafone

16:35 Increasing Health Ownership of patients by Rob Halkes, Drimpy
Rob has been working as a consultant in health care since 1988. He witnessed the growing dynamics in health care - challenging all who are in the business of health care. New concepts of doing business have emerged that will lead to improved results and delivery of health to benefit patients, health care professionals and business performance.

16:55 Heartville, social lifestyle game by Antoon Sturkenboom, Qlvr
Creative director and co-owner of Qlvr, that creates games and apps that matter. Gamefication and social media are the tools that Qlvr uses to develop (preferrably mobile) apps for health care and education.

17:15 Health Living Labs by Ben Kröse, HvA and UvA
Ben is professor at the University of Amsterdam and lector at the Hogeschool. He leads research projects in the field of information technology for telemonitoring and communication that are implemented at various sites in Amsterdam region. He will present his work on Living Lab methodologies for introduction and evaluation of technology.

17:35 Open, affordable and accessible diagnostics: the DIY approach by Pieter van Boheemen, Amplino
Pieter is founder of the Dutch DIY Bio community. He mixes his genomics degree with extensive experience in IT entrepreneurship and a recently gained interest in open hardware. Together with two friends, he currently develops a low cost DNA diagnostics device for pathogen detection to be used in resource poor settings.

17:55 Short discussion with audience.
18:15 closing cocktails
19:15 End 

Practical details

Vodafone Netherlands has been kind enough to offer their new HQ for our PICNIC Creative Business Club meeting.
The address is Oosterdok Eiland, Simon Carmiggeltstraat 6, Amsterdam. To avoid the traffic congestion around the Amsterdam Central Station, we recommend using public transportation. The venue is located 5-minutes walking distance from Amsterdam Central Station.



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