Day 1 (Monday 17 September)
09:00 - 19:00
App Ecosystem Tent

Meet the city’s App Makers and open data community. Share your ideas and dreams, get expert advice and be part of this exciting new economy. Please register for the workshops, Guru Sessions, Pitch Contest, Speed Networking and Monday’s COSM Data-Pirates Party Boat.

Appsterdam returns to PICNIC – with a closer look at the now bigger and better App Makers ecosystem in orbit around the historic Dutch capital. Together with our partners in business and education, Appsterdam will create a three-ring circus of education, commerce, and app-making fun. And a circus it will be.

DETAILED PROGRAM: http://bit.ly/QwUbYu

Our partners: Big Nerd Ranch // City of Amsterdam Economic Affairs // COSM // Mac Bike // Softlayer // 7scenes // Universiteit van Amsterdam/CIRCA // Hogeschool van Amsterdam // Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam // Virtueel Platform/Hot 100 // Waag Society // Glimworm // Application Developers Alliance // Amsterdam City Tours

Appsterdam Talks / Presentation Area
Appsterdam's business and education partners and the best of the Appsterdam Speaker Bureau provide you with short talks on their latest and greatest.

Appsterdam Pitch Contest / Presentation Area
Some of Appsterdam's most driven budding entrepreneurs will deliver their 60-second business pitches to our panel of judges, as well as the audience. Please RSVP if you want to pitch: http://meetup.appsterdam.rs/events/80926252 Otherwise, just show up to watch and learn!

Appsterdam Guru Sessions / Workshop Area
Guru Sessions are Appsterdam's informal hands-on workshops designed to share a technology or technique. For the occasion, we found some of our dearest partners willing to host a Guru Session. Just for PICNIC they've added a competitive twist. Seats are limited, please RSVP:
- Big Nerd Ranch Guru Session: http://meetup.appsterdam.rs/events/80926222/
- COSM Guru Session by COSM: http://meetup.appsterdam.rs/events/81463762/
- Workshop by De Waag: email john.van.echtelt [at] logica.com
- Workshop Data Visualisation by Innoviz team – CIRCA : part 1-1 Monday http://meetup.appsterdam.rs/events/81698652/
-Workshop Data Visualisation by Innoviz team – CIRCA : part 2-2 Tuesday http://meetup.appsterdam.rs/events/81698652/

Appsterdam App Lab (ongoing) / Open Collaboration Area
The App Lab brings together some of the sharpest minds in business, technology and education. Get feedback on your business from experienced entrepreneurs, pose your technical questions to Appsterdam's most ingenious coders, or check out the community's latest app creations.

Student-Business Speed Networking / Open Collaboration Area
Students and recent graduates get paired with businesses to create connections, and potentially an internship or job opportunity. Seats are limited, please RSVP:
- Speed Networking Day 1: http://meetup.appsterdam.rs/events/80926262/
- Speed Networking Day 2: http://meetup.appsterdam.rs/events/80926262/

Appsterdam Meeten en Drinken / Open Collaboration Area
Both nights, we'll host a Meeten and Drinken event, replicating one of Appsterdam's core community gatherings. Consider yourself invited.

Appsterdam Lounge Space / Open Collaboration Area
Recharge yourself and your devices in this tranquil oasis with drinks, comfortable seating and power stations.

COSM Data-Pirates Party Boat / After-hours 17 Sept.
100 people set sail from the App Ecosystem Tent for a night of dancing and imbibing, a massive disco AirQualityEgg, a special party game we call "Never drink alone", and a one-night-only special DJ set by Topika (Alex Zeh and Tony Michiels) called Tropikana. Open bar all night!
Be sure of a spot, RSVP here: http://www.meetup.com/sensemakersams/events/78222512/

Appsterdam Experience The Urban Ecosystem city tours / Meet outside the tent
What makes Amsterdam a premier creative-class city? Come take one of Appsterdam’s experiential walking or biking tours, powered by MacBike, Amsterdam City Tours and 7Scenes MuseumApp. Bike tours leave at 10:00 and 14:30. Walking tours leave at 11:00.

M. Blekem... Gijs Goot... Frank Kre... Phil Shan... Olga skp... Eric Voig...



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