Day 1 (Monday 17 September)
13:30 - 15:00
Cinema 3

Can DIY make biotech open, affordable and accessible to all? Learn more about the aims and impact of DIY bio.

All around the world tech savvy pioneers gather to unlock the full potential of biotechnology. Taking the do-it-yourself approach they believe biotechnology can be made accessible, affordable, creative and open. During this interactive session the aims and impact of DIY biotech will be discussed. All (future) DIY biologists are invited to take part in the Global Official Open DIY Bio (GOODIY Bio) competition!

After an introduction to DIY bio, three speakers will share their views with a short presentation. The presentations are followed by an open discussion between the presenters, audience and moderator. The session closes with the launch of the GOODIY Bio competition.

Lily Ash ... Eva James... ibtisam o... Oz Ulucan... Stephen V... Naomi Zei...



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