Day 1 (Monday 17 September)
13:30 - 17:15
Room with a View

Join representatives from ETH Zurich, the European Commission and NEC in this Council lab to explore how the Internet of Things can impact the future of robotics.

Host: Rob van Kranenburg, Stakeholder co-ordinator of IOT-A & Florian Michahelles, Associate Director, Auto-ID Labs

Developments in robotics have spent a lot of time and energy on the recognition capabilities of robots. But they are starting to realize that Internet of Things might provide another solution to the problem. Instead of programming the robot to handle any potential situation, the Internet of things could create an environment in which the objects themselves
inform the robots of their purpose and usage.

This session includes a series of talks, a scenario workshop and explores joint proposals and projects.

Rudy de B... Ciara Byr... Aldo de J... René Kas... Maurits K... Tessel Re... Jaspar Ro... Penelope ...



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