Day 3 (Friday 16 September)
13:30 - 15:00
Hangar B

An international group of storytellers and innovators come together to talk with us about their experiences in creating and sharing 21st century narratives. The panelists are amazing examples of artists exploring the desire of human to express ourselves and connect to each other "by any means necessary". In this Lab, we will conjure the contemporary landscape of telling stories across media, across cities, and across the globe.

Join us.


Dr. Beth Coleman, director X-Reality Media Lab/City as Platform (Harvard University/Institute of Network Cultures Hogeschool van Amsterdam)


Howard Goldkrand, artist, Innovation Director, and c0-creator of Soundlab and Dexter/Showtime ARG

Jeff Hull, situational designer and creator of Games of Nonchalance, Jejune Institute

Lucy Walker, documentary filmmaker and Oscar nominated for her film Wasteland

Saul Williams, musician, actor, poet

Kimberley... Annemarie... Philip Fo... Charles  ... Henk de H... Matthew K... Marije Ku... Mariana M... Jacco Ouw... Robert Ov... jose port... Natalia S... Sabrina S... Patrick S... Kakee Sco... Roel Simo... Dinesh So... Rich Well...



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