Redesigning the Government – Let’s Do It Ourselves!...
Day 1 (Wednesday 14 September)
10:00 - 12:00
Artist's Studio

In this creative workshop, we discuss a future scenario in which citizens create government. What if every citizen becomes a Member of Parliament and what if they distribute tasks such as initiating, budgeting, weighing, prioritizing and monitoring? How can smart infrastructure and social media facilitate these processes? What else is needed?

The three speakers will share their visions of the future of DIY Government, followed by a discussion with the participants. This discussion will continue afterwards via online social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

The output of this workshop and online discussions will be input for the future study, "Wisdom of the Crowd’," carried out by STT Future Studies.

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Kimberley... Rolf van ... Mary Lam... Andy Maye... Mariana M... Andrew Na... jose port... Patrick S... Douwe Sch... Roel Simo... Erik Vlug... Peter van...



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