Contributor: Franklin de Bekker

Contributor: Jens Erfurth


Congratulations to the latest winners of the PICNIC Collaborative Campaign Competition: Jens Erfurth and Franklin de Bekker!

Franklin de Bekker, Interactive Director at Vandejong, and firm believer in the current shift changing our world, says that ‘New Ownership’ is about building new and meaningful relationships between people, brands and organizations." Franklin was inspired by Nike's latest ad 'Game On, World' and used it as his canvas for the PICNIC Collaborative Campaign Competition. 

In his words, “Nike is a good example of a brand that has changed its brand architecture from top down to bottom up, by creating products and services that people relate to. By building an ecosystem of gadgets and services built around measurable personal improvement, they revolutionized their relationship with consumers. The daily interaction with a brand is infinitely more powerful than periodic ad campaigns that culminate with a product purchase."

Check out what Michael Tchao, then manager of Nike Techlan / Nike+, said about this at PICNIC Festival 2008.

Jens Erfurth, Designer at Proof Studio, who contributed the poster on copyright, says: ‘one of the biggest cultural clashes in the ‘Age of Information’ is how to deal with intellectual property. There are so many sides to the discussion that my submission is a statement to activate people to think about their copy behaviour. In my opinion, society needs to create a new awareness of both the damaging and the innovative effects of copying. It can harm small, independent artists, but it can also help spread ideas. More and more alternatives are popping up that challenge traditional copyright products, for example through open source communities. Everyone can participate in these communities, so instead of illegally copying, join them and ‘do it yourself’!

Listen to what Canadian-British blogger, journalist and activist Cory Doctorow, said in favor of liberalising copyright laws at PICNIC Festival 2010.

To hear more about these fascinating shifts from speakers such as Cesar Harada, a French-Japanese inventor and father of the open source tecnology sailing drone 'Protei', and  Louisa Heinrich, Director of Strategy at Fjord, who will talk about how companies engage and relate to customers, buy tickets to PICNIC Festival 2012! Or, design your own "New Ownership" poster by downloading the instructions here. A winner will be chosen every week until the Festival.



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