Contributor: Jarr Geerligs

Contributors: Jan Willem Wennekes (series)

Contributors: Jan Willen Wennekes (series)

Contributors: Jan Willem Wennekes (series)


Congratulations to the latest winners of the PICNIC Collaborative Campaign Competition: Jarr Geerligs and Jan Willem Wennekes!

Jarr Geerligs, freelance Art Director/Creative at Planet Jarr, is a fervent believer in the paradigm shift that is currently shaping the world. He sees new ownership as ‘having by sharing’. Jarr explains: “When I was looking for a nice place to put the text for the poster I found a tree house in my neighborhood. What I really like about using the tree house is that it is one of the first things children make to have a world of their own above the world of the grownups. It is a form new ownership where the kids are the boss”.

Jan Willem Wennekes, illustrator, designer, entrepreneur at Zeptonn, says that the bottom-up message of PICNIC really resonates with his personal view on the world: “The change is ours to begin!” he says. “By creating this series of abstract worlds, I want to inspire people to start acting. Experiment with the world around you. Be positive and hopeful. We actually have the power to change it. Don't wait for governments or corporations to start the change, start it yourself!”

Indeed. And if you start designing your campaign poster now, you might be the next winner of a free PICNIC Festival 2012 pass. Design your own "New Ownership" poster by downloading the instructions here. A winner will be chosen every week until the Festival.  



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