PICNIC was lucky enough to participate in Co-society12, a co-creation summit held on October 4th and 5th in Barcelona and hosted by Co-society’s founding, Spanish chapter. The experience was nothing short of awesome!

Co-society is a global organization which brings together the smartest teams from the most innovative companies and organizations to combine their expertise to generate new projects. Through co-creation activities, members create new and unexpected asset combinations which result in new products, services, experiences and business models.

PICNIC is proud to be re-launching its PICNIC Creative Business Club as PICNIC Co-society, the Dutch chapter which will also organize international Co-society events during the PICNIC Innovation Mash Up and our annual PICNIC Festival.

More than 100 professionals representing leading companies and organizations in Spain, Denmark, Canada and the Netherlands participated in Co-society12. These included such as Hewlett-Packard, Danske Bank, ThyssenKrupp, BBVD, Gallina Blanca, TDC, Innovation Lab Denmark, Instituto Europeo di Design Barcelona, MosaiC, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu (ranked in the top five European children’s hospitals), and many more.

The summit’s program included an eclectic mix of trend analysis, case studies, co-creation exercises, talks, learning tours and good, old fashioned matchmaking and networking.

Co-society Denmark Member Testimonial

One of the most inspiring presentations of the day was by an executive from one of Denmark’s largest insurance companies which is also a Co-society Denmark member. She spoke about her experience co-creating new concepts during a Co-society session with one of Denmark’s biggest music festivals and an advanced technology company. The collaboration has helped her company identify new insurance products and technical delivery solutions.

Co-creation Exercises

A large part of Co-society12 was devoted to co-creation exercises during which participants developed concepts for new collaborations between the companies and organizations present.

Participants were challenged to identify assets which could be “mashed up” into new offerings by re-mapping their company’s key processes, using best practices from inspiring companies such as Airbnb (sharing vs. owning), Dulcinea (transforming products into services) and Envision Solar (creating new products and services with under-utilized assets).

Teams also developed concepts for initiatives that bring together start ups and established companies to solve business, social and environmental challenges.

Other highlights of Co-society12 included:

Inspiring Talks:

- Vicent Guallart, Head of Architecture for the City of Barcelona, on Gaudi and radical innovation, linking the great architect’s philosophy of modern architecture with the City’s current plans to modernize its infrastructure to promote sustainability

- Elizabeth Wood, Director of Digital Publishing for Worldreader.org, on how the future of publishing involves putting eReaders in the hands of African schoolchildren and charging Indian women fees for the individual chapters of Harlequin romance novels

- Private tour of FC Barcelona’s stadium and museum and video presentation of the world-renown La Masia, FC Barcelona’s youth training facilities

Technology case studies:

- Cognicor, a start up which offers automated customer complaint resolution (focused on dramatically reducing the need for call centres)

- A research team from Spain’s Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) which is developing new data visualization capabilities beyond pie charts and line graphs, including face expressions

All in all, a great learning experience. Watch this space for more on PICNIC Co-society!

Report written by Deborah Carter, PICNIC’s Director of Sponsoring and Partnerships (deborah@picnicnetwork.org)



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