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Chesley Rach (1952) was born and raised in Curacao part of the (former) Netherlands Antilles. In 1977 he finished his studies in urban planning and design at the Technical University of Delft. After his studies he returned to his native country to work for the department of Urban Planning and Housing for ten years, were he contributed to the introduction of planning legislation, an island wide structure and development plan, and many neighbourhood revitalisation projects. In 1987 he left his position as Deputy Director of the Department of Urban Planning and Housing and emigrated to Holland were he worked for the Municipalities of The Hague and Rotterdam in various management functions in the Urban Planning and Development sector. In 2008 he accepted the position of Secretary Director at the District of Amsterdam Southeast were he spearheaded the organisation guiding the district with strong “arrival city” characteristics, through difficult socio-economic times. He was recently appointed to the position of Deputy General Director at the Municipality of Amsterdam were he is in charge of the restructuring and rationalisation of the business processes of the Municipality. Chesley Rach is married, has three daughters and two grandchildren. He is interested in politics and enjoys sports, and the fine arts.

Chesley is speaking at PICNIC Festival 2012

Reinventing Citizenship
Day 2, 14:00 - 17:15, Cinema 2

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