Wishing our Brazilian friends lots of strength to process their grief and congratulating our German friends with this historic victory!
Posted on Tue Jul 08
Great evening with the lovely Daniela Brayner, catching up about #PICNICBrasil
Posted on Wed May 07
Posted on Wed May 07
RT @tcktcktck: Applications now open for #SolarSchools 2014-15! Bringing crowdfunded clean energy to UK classrooms http://t.co/3QqkKA9dNM
Posted on Tue May 06
RT @iRowan: We've launched the WIRED Innovation Fellowships, for emerging talents w/ the potential to make a significant impact" http://t.c…
Posted on Thu Jan 02
Just a few hours before launching #PICNICBrasil! Exciting!
Posted on Tue Dec 10
Marjorie Kelly on the emergent ownership revolution http://t.co/kqNXgHfh0D #RedefiningGrowth #NewOwnership
Posted on Mon Dec 09
Enjoying the early morning in Rio de Janeiro. Watching this huge city waking up slowly! Excited to get to know it better! #PICNICBrasil
Posted on Mon Dec 09