We're building up this year's Festival and we can't wait to see you on Monday. See how we turn boxes, boxes, and more boxes into a PICNIC!

Behind the scenes of the PICNIC build up...

The smell of boxes, pallets, paper, wood and paint hits you when entering the EYE Film Institute. It is definitely recognizable: it's the great smell of a festival. The venue is brand new, and opened its doors in 2011. It is promising to be a great location for this year’s PICNIC festival.

This Sunday started way too early, with a group of sleepy volunteers and scared staff (is it really happening tomorrow ?!?!#$%!) gathered in the crew tent. But after an inspiring speech by creative director Marcel Kampman and a grand tour through the building, the build-up kicks off. As well as the vibe. Great people building boxes, folding boxes, painting on boxes, stacking boxes, and moving boxes. The EYE is slowly tranformed by the PICNIC spirit. Energetic, colorful, inspiring, cheerful, fun, and Do-It-Yourself. It's completely in line with the theme of this year's event: New Ownership. For a couple days, we get to take control and build something from the bottom up.

It's nearing midnight, and the finishing touches are almost done. We'll see you on Monday morning... But if you can't wait until then, check out the progress we've made today on Flickr or marvel at a wall of boxes in the clip below!

Text contributed by Roos van de Weerd; Video thanks to our production volunteers



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