It's almost the first thing visitors notice, people not attending PICNIC but who have been on the "pontje" over the IJ notice it... There is a huge iglo like construction on the PICNIC terrain. It's the Appsterdam Dome. 

OK, so from the outside it looks cool, and it makes us curious. On the inside it's dark and people are huddled around tables in groups. Crawling into their computer screens and typing like mad man. We can see some facial expressions thinking: "What's going on in here?!"

It's the Appsterdam Open Data Hackathon. For three days app developers have come together to start developing apps and explore unconventional ways of using open data from the City of Amsterdam. A great way to meet, network and already start working together on great projects. Today, on day 3 of the festival, the apps will be presented.

If you want to know more about Appsterdam and what's going in in this huge white dome, listen to the Shoudio interview we did with CoO Klaas Speller here.

If you want to meet up with some of these guys, you can. Every Wednesday Appsterdam comes together at 19:00 in Café Bax in Oud-West. For more info go to www.appsterdam.rs.