A Good Start for the Crossover Estafette ...

The world of today is increasingly complex and intertwined. Big societal and economical challenges that superseed professional, industrial and cultural domains ask for answers that are rooted in multiple disciplines and industries. Co-creation and collaboration are the magic words here, and PICNIC has believed in these principles for social and business innovation right from the beginning. Now, with the Crossover Estafette, PICNIC joins forces with Syntens, The Federation Dutch Creative Industries, the Amsterdam CoC and CLICK/NL to help businesses from different sectors discover the benefits of crossover collaboration and find concrete projects that can move their business forward.

The Cross-over Estafette follows from the ambition to collaborate on joint challenges that are felt by different sectors. In a time were developments move quickly, it is of the utmost importance to stay ahead of the crowd in order to stay relevant. Crossovers are an important source of innovation. On the crossroads of different knowledge domains, new ideas are bound to emerge. The Estafette is a series of activities that bring together businesses from different sectors and actively match their innovation or business development needs in order to find common ground for collaborative projects. The kick-off of this series took place during PICNIC Festival and was very well attended.

Frank Kwakman, a professor at the Nyenrode University explained what 5 ingredients are necessary to realize a succesful crossover projet. And Loek Hermans, Chairman of Greenport Holland, spoke for the agriculture industry that already has a long lasting tradition to collaborate with other sectors in order to develop innovative solutions for their business. And great case studies were shared by entrepreneurs in the audience.

Read more about the meeting in this report by Syntens (Dutch)

Following the succesful kick off of the Crossover Estafette, we were invited by Loek Hermans for the annual Greenport conference that took place on 1 November in Amsterdam. The program was focused on how crossovers could benefit the agricultural industry to move forward. Marleen Stikker, Chairman of the PICNIC Board and President of Waag Society, was invited to give a presentation in which she included many inspiring examples of what collaborations between the creative and agricultural industries could result in.

Other speakers talked about interesting crossovers between agriculture and logistics (on food tracking & tracing) and biotech (also food safety and source determination). A panel with Loek Hermans, Rob Huisman (Federation of Creative Industries) and Valerie Frissen (CLICK/NL) closed a very interesting program.

Read more about the conference in this report by Syntens (Dutch)

After this inspiring start, we are looking forward to the next crossover meeting!



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