Ross Ashcroft on No More Business As Usual / PICNIC Festival 2012

Through the lens of his directorial debut 'The Four Horsemen', Ross Ashcroft explores how we can adapt our businesses and thrive in the age of disruption.

For the independent cinematic feature documentary The Four Horsemen, Ross Ashcroft interviews twenty-three internationally renowned thinkers who break their silence and tell us how the world really works. For the first time in history, four mega trends are colliding to paradoxically create the ideal conditions for a systemic change. 

The "penny-drop mpment" for the makers of the documentary was when they realised that the system actually works perfectly. The capitalist system works according to the rules upon which it was created. Based on the pursuit of success instead of the pursuit of meaning and purpose, the system inherently favors the few over the many and will continue to lock the vast majority of people out of the economy. To rebalance the global economy and build a new equilibirum the rules must change to include new forms of ownership. 

But how do you adapt a system when people want to protect their monopolies?

Listen to Ross Ashcroft at PICNIC Festival 2012 and read this interview with Ross Ashcroft on 'New Ownership'.



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