September 17 and 18, 2012
EYE Film Institute


Since 2006, the annual PICNIC Festival has been one of Europe’s premier events focused on innovation and creativity.

PICNIC Festival 2012 was an international gathering of approximately 3000 professionals representing business, technology, government and non profit, education and the creative industries.

The Festival was a great success! Sold out for two days straight, the Festival took place on September 17 and 18 at Amsterdam’s new EYE Film Institute. It became an active learning environment where companies and organizations came together to understand the ‘new ownership’ shift. They questioned assumptions and then improved and re-imagined situations by developing new ideas, concepts and prototypes.

The goal was to discover opportunities for transformation: processes, cultures, products, services, models and experiences.

Festival Theme: “New Ownership: the shift from top down to bottom up”

Connected technology is empowering people, businesses and organizations to drive change on a local and global scale. The Internet has increased awareness of issues and social media is providing a stronger ability to take action. A new notion of ownership has emerged: people are taking matters back into their own hands as they realize that everyone can potentially fulfil a role regardless of their position or location. Everyone has the power to do things for themselves on an even greater scale.

PICNIC Festival 2012’s programming focussed on the impact of “new ownership” in seven main areas: 
• fundamentals
• governance
• business
• sustainability
• education
• health/life sciences
• media

Festival participants were able to choose from a wide range of activities. Programming included: 
• lectures
• interactive debates and discussions
• co-creation workshops and challenges
• start up competitions
• a SME exhibition
• matchmaking activities

EYE Film Institute





EYE, Amsterdam’s new filmmuseum, is located in a spectacular building on the river IJ designed bij Delugan & Meissl Associated Architects. EYE is open 7 days a week and offers its visitors a wide range of classics, film premieres by emerging and established directors, the best films for young people as well as exhibitionjs and festivals. EYE is able to rely on its extensive collection of 40.000 titles for a diversity of screenings. From avant garde films and Hollywood Classics to films by yuong and talented filmmakers.

Every year EYE organizes four major exhibitions. Visitor scan browse through the rich collection by visitin the interactive basement where some of the finest films are screened. Admission to the basement is free. Young people are guaranteed to leabve the workshop as budding movie buffs. It’s a pleasure to dine in EYE’s stylish bar-restaurant, wit hits ample outdoor terrace and its stunning view of the river IJ. The museum shop offers a unique selection of film books and gifts.

EYE is where the past, present and future of cinema come together.