Personal computing is entering the final stage of its revolution – and the user is gaining more control and input than ever. The time has come for the "customer to take charge". 

The personal computing revolution that began thirty years ago is now entering its final stage: the one where individuals become truly free, and ready to participate at full power in their relationships with sellers, with employers, with governments and in social networks.

Dozens of new developments in a new category called VRM (for vendor relationship management) are starting to give individuals the power to control their own data, to protect their own privacy, to engage with others on their own terms, and to set into motion far more productive energies in the marketplace and in society than were possible in the old institution-controlled top-down world. 

Doc Searls takes the stage at PICNIC Festival 2012 and ties in the revelations from his latest book “The Intention Economy: When Customers Take Charge” with PICNIC's theme on 'New Ownership'. Sit back and enjoy this empowering talk.

Read more in this interview with Doc searls on companies that 'get it'



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