Increasingly, individuals and communities in cities across the world are experimenting by coming together to prototype solutions that have an influence on their environments and communities.

Bonnie Shaw, Dean of the Awesome Foundation, calls this a new form of collective individualism, which is redefining a collaborative experience with a community - that is building and emphasizing social capital and participation and how we engage with our built environment.

"Collective individualism concerns the activated individual within the context of a small social network, that is scaled and aggregated online into a local community and then scaled up across the world and the web. This systemic architecture is really changing everything: How we sell and consume, participate and create, organise and activate."

This highly individualised world is powered by mobile, enabled by social and driven by ego. It is not selfish, in fact, it is highly social. Networks operate as collectives and give way to actions that contribute to a whole, that is much bigger than its individual parts. 

Bonnie shares experiences from several of her international projects that were created to incite community engagement to catalyze these types of playful participatory projects and experiments.

Other sessions by Bonnie Shaw at PICNIC 2012 include The Social Capital of Collaborative Platforms and a Vodafone Firestarters session 'Gaming with Benefits'

Bonnie Shaw is a dear and loyal friend of PICNIC Festival. For an overview of her participation please visit her profile



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