PICNIC prides itself on bringing attention to some of the world's most innovative thinkers. Here's your chance to see and hear them before the rest of the world has discovered them!

2011 Speakers...

Peter Corbett, founder and CEO of iStrategyLabs

We're just announcing this year's line-up. Here are just six of the people you'll have the chance to hear from and meet at PICNIC Festival 2011 and what you can expect from them:

Adam Greenfield brings critical thinking about how applied technology in the public space will never make the city smart, but should instead make its inhabitants smarter through human-centered (interaction) design.

Toby Barnes brings inventive ways to open up the cities' dynamics with visualisation and gamification.

Mark Woerde brings insights in how to transform brands into meaningful pro-social brands.

Eva Gladek brings designs for closed ecosystems that provide the possibility for net-zero impact food production.

Peter Corbett brings creative approaches on interactive marketing and a focus on civic innovation through community building. 

Heath Bunting brings his artist's vision to create a new (and legal!) identity for you, which you can actually purchase from him in neat, ready to use packages.  

Browse their profiles and read about all of the speakers at PICNIC Festival 2011 in our speakers gallery.  Be sure to check back for exciting new announcements throughout the summer.