RT @AlgoNComun: Y ahora @KittyLeering y el equipo de @PICNICMex nos hablan sobre redefinir el desarrollo social #CatapultaFest http://t.co/…
Posted on Fri Apr 11
RT @PICNICMex: #PICNICMexico @PICNICMex Topics for discussion: Education + Design + New Economies. Redefining growth. @KittyLeering
Posted on Fri Apr 11
Explore with our partner Deltares the impact of water management for sustainable growth in Oaxace @CatapultaFest http://t.co/a2pYpLUCpM
Posted on Fri Apr 04
Always wondered what is actually going on at the other side of your online chat? Watch Love & Engineering by VPRO: http://t.co/1lqG9RmEI1
Posted on Fri Apr 04
The 1st ever winners of the #RijksstudioAwards were announced @rijksmuseum yesterday. Congratulations to all of you! http://t.co/A6wDoq2dqz
Posted on Wed Apr 02
Posted on Mon Mar 24
RT @LorenaLunaE: Hola @ChiapasBazaar si van me avisan ya que ustedes podrían estar en el market place de @PICNICfestival para promover sus …
Posted on Thu Mar 06
8-10/5 in regio Amsterdam: @CEBOOSTcamp ‘14. Thema: towards a circular city. Meer info: http://t.co/Kqyy2kqCut (door 'onze' Rolinka Kok! :-)
Posted on Wed Feb 26
#PICNICMexico in Merida, Mexico. Check out the pictures! http://t.co/N5pfj3E3VE
Posted on Mon Feb 24
#PICNICMexico at the Latin American Forum on Impact Investment (Merida, Mexico) to spread the 'PICNIC-love' and make new friends!
Posted on Mon Feb 24
RT @FuturEverything: Watch #futr 2014 conference speaker @sebchan discussing how the concept of quality art has changed in the digital age …
Posted on Fri Feb 21
RT @CatapultaFest: #Arts can be integrated in the world as a mechanism for pushing forward social innovation! Thumbs up to @PICNICfestival…
Posted on Sun Feb 02
Live Q&A with Edward Snowden!! Now!!! http://t.co/F8sHVfmsYY
Posted on Thu Jan 23
Thank you, dear PICNIC friends, for all the enthusiasm for #PICNICBrasil and #PICNICMexico. Stay tuned. More information will follow swift!
Posted on Fri Jan 17
Cool! (+ all you can eat tote bags ;-) RT @bobulate: Want to use your coding skills to make the world a better place? http://t.co/dgW1Ektrev
Posted on Tue Jan 07
RT @iRowan: We've launched the WIRED Innovation Fellowships, for emerging talents w/ the potential to make a significant impact" http://t.c…
Posted on Thu Jan 02
Last day in Brazil meeting with Marcello Silva of the Rio Municipality and Arjen Uijterlinde, Dutch Consul in Rio to discuss #PICNICBrasil!
Posted on Thu Dec 12
Enjoying the early morning in Rio de Janeiro. Watching this huge city waking up slowly! Excited to get to know it better! #PICNICBrasil
Posted on Mon Dec 09
PICNIC's Program Director Kitty Leering will be in Rio de Janeiro from from 9 to 12 December for the launch of PICNIC Brasil!
Posted on Sat Dec 07
hear hear RT @rogiervdheide: Today @_beforelight #athenslight Beat the crisis by innovating together & design is in the lead. @philipslight
Posted on Mon Nov 04
RT @marleenstikker: @CosmicMouse77: Mexico's new action plan: open register of social program beneficiaries #notasmallfeat @haydeepg @PICNI…
Posted on Mon Nov 04
Read Adam Greenfield's critical pamphlet "Against the Smart City", reminding us what cities are all about: its people http://t.co/PZtc6xgqJ4
Posted on Thu Oct 31
Recommended! RT @TheConfMalmo: We are recruiting a researcher! RT = <3 http://t.co/CpNyFkRm4o #MedieJobb #nyttjobb #malmoftw #websummit
Posted on Wed Oct 30
Yeah. Isn't it a great idea?! :-) RT @RikSeveke: Very nice: http://t.co/IcX0gAfhIq via @PICNICfestival
Posted on Sun Oct 27
fun fact: the average age of Sponge Bob fans is 35!! according to Peter Corbett. #AUIW
Posted on Fri Sep 20
Peter Corbett: Hacking the refrigerator for GE, to create a social machine that only opens up after 10 checkins to Foursquare. #AUIW
Posted on Fri Sep 20
Peter Corbett encourages attendees to not only work mobile and virtual, but also to hack their physical space! #AUIW
Posted on Fri Sep 20
LOL! John Thackara: I am a tree hugger, I admit it. #AUIW
Posted on Fri Sep 20
John Thackara: Circularity is not the answer to growth. #RedefiningGrowth #AUIW
Posted on Fri Sep 20
John Thackara: don't dream up noble scenarios, but go and work with all the stakeholders to get concrete things done. #NewOwnership #AUIW
Posted on Fri Sep 20